Our history

Beginning with its birth in 2002, S.C. Recom Sid S.A. is part of the Micro Mega group of companies, each Company having different activity fields.



Present – Delivered goods in over 15 countries


S.C. RECOM SID S.A. has over 230 employees, operating on a total surface of approx. 20.000 sqm, out of which around 10.000 sqm are covered space and 10.000 sqm are open warehouse. The main customers are both local and from abroad. Among them, we would like to mention TMK Reșita, Arcelor Mittal Hunedoara, Novoferm, Richard Kablitz GmbH, Donges GmbH, Kronospan.


Expanding the production capacity

Acquisition of new production equipment and expanding the owned halls through an investment project of approx. 1,5 million Euro.


Expanding the halls

Acquisition of a new hall and land in total surface of 3.888 sqm.


Birth of S.C. Recom SID S.A.

Separation and transformation of the metallic structures Workshop and the Iron and Steel Repairs Workshop into S.C. Recom SID S.A. (initially founded as a subsidiary of the Steel Works Factory Hunedoara – currently Arcelor Mittal Hunedoara), and shortly afterwards the acquisition of the subsidiary by the local investor S.C. Micro Mega HD S.A.


Steel Works Factory Hunedoara

At the foundation of the Steel Works Factory Hunedoara, it was decided the gathering of the maintenance workshops and the metallic structures workshops in  two centralised divisions, the Steel Structures Workshop and the Iron and Steel Repairs Workshop.

Our group of companies

Micro Mega HD S.A.

Hospitality industry (hotel and restaurant)

Micro Mega S.A.


Proserv S.A.

Civil and industrial constructions

Proserv S.A.


Recom Sid S.A.

Constructions, repairs and installation of steel structures

Recom Sid S.A.

Despre noi

The activity Recom Sid deploys is also compliant with the standard ISO 3834-2:2005 certified by RINA SIMTEX Services SpA.

S.C. RECOM SID S.A. has over 230 employees out of which around 200 are blue collars. The team of welders gathers around 50 welders. The welders’ certificates are according to EN ISO 9606, AWS D1.1 and ISCIR- PTCR 9. The personnel in the welding activity are coordinated by 2 welding engineers certified as European Welding Engineers by the European Welding Federation (EWF).

S.C. RECOM SID S.A. has committed to promote the required standards for environmental security, health and protection. We pursue to offer a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, by taking into consideration the potential dangers and risks, by adopting a prevention practice to avoid any accident, by increasing the care and involvement of the people for the issues of work security and health, thorough information and training.

Recom Sid has implemented and applied the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015 certified by RINA SIMTEX Certificate 33489/16/R TMS; it is also certified for the factory production control, according to SR EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 by RINA SIMTEX.
The activity Recom Sid deploys is also compliant to the standard ISO 3834-2:2005 certified by RINA SIMTEX Services SpA.
S.C. Recom Sid is certified by RINA SIMTEX for the implementation and maintenance of Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001:2015 and ISO45001:2018 for Occupational Health & Safety Management System. We are also certified by the Romanian Railway Authority as railway products supplier for welded metallic structures.

Main activity fields:

– Manufacture and assembling of metallic structures and component parts;
– Installation and machinery repair (mechanical and electrical);
– Fabrication of vessels, containers, packages and other metallic goods;
– Fabrication of parts for handling and hoisting tools/machinery, for ventilation and air conditioning equipment and other equipment for general use;
– Fabrication of machinery for the metal-working industry, construction industry and food industry;
– Erection of civil and industrial buildings.

S.C. Recom Sid S.A.

Piața Iancu de Hunedoara Street

postal code 331 031,

Hunedoara, Romania

company secretary

Fax: +40254 207 022

commercial department